4 Gadgets That Make Cheating Possible In Casinos

Unless you are Danny Ocean of Ocean’s Thirteen , defying the gods of chance and coming out of a casino with millions of dollars is mission impossible. Although … Some gadgets today make cheating possible in casinos . However, they remain illegal and it is strongly discouraged to use them. That said, instead of entertainment: below four gadgets that can help defeat the vigilance of casinos!


The Jackpotter is a formidable cheat gadget to use at slot machines . It can hide anywhere – in a fountain pen, your jacket, a pack of cigarettes … – and therefore can take the appearance of a harmless and innocent object. To introduce it in a casino is not difficult; using it is a bit more complicated. Indeed, once installed in a slot machine, it will be necessary to wait for tokens deign to fall to be able to operate the gadget and touch the jackpot. Indeed, once activated, the Jackpotter scrambles the stop signal of the machine, which deprived of this signal degenerates token token .

Mobile counting app:

In theory, card counting is not illegal (but is very severely punished by casinos), but using gadgets to count cards is. It is now possible to download a mobile application that counts cards using four different methods: Hi-Low, Hi-Opt-I, Hi-Opt-II and Omega II.

Cheat gadget with roulette:

It would cost £ 1,000, about € 1,361, and predict where the ball would stop . This prediction is possible thanks to the small digital device of which it is constituted and which is able to record the deceleration of the roulette wheel and the ball. The device is also provided with a headset (very discreet) that warns the player where the ball should come to a stop.

Google Glass:

The famous glasses in which Google has invested all its technology and know-how are in the ability to predict which number or number the roulette ball will stop, or which poker hand a player will get. For these reasons, casinos fear the massive expansion of the gadget, and some of them do not waste time to take radical action: Google Glass have already been banned .