Cheating With Electronic Roulette

Metz. Is roulette still a game of chance? Patrick, 60, has shown that one could flatter the generosity of that of the Amnéville casino. Cheating a little.

Unveiled at the bar of the Metz TGI, his technique is based on the observation of a malfunction of the semi-electronic roulette that he will exploit at the expense of the establishment, between January 2011 and March 16, 2012. During this period Patrick always sits on the days – “three times a week”, according to him – from 6 pm to 3 am at the same fetish post: No. 11. It is from this place (out of 14 possible) that he acted with the complicity of croupiers, the five judged at the same time as him.

The technique is simple. Once the order “make your games” launched and the 20 seconds to bet elapsed, Patrick asked them by a specific code to gently launch the ball. He had noticed that at low speed, the sensors in charge of detecting it did not work and did not turn on the “nothing goes” sign which blocks the stakes.

He saw the number before playing

Normally, a croupier scrupulous quickly realizes the phenomenon and regains control of the machine to press the emergency button and freeze the game Patrick’s accomplices were doing this well, but late enough to give him time to see the ball get on a number, play it and win. “It happened like that because the machine was unreliable,” puts the accused into perspective, who does not want to admit that he was holding a real combination that he shared ten times with a friend of the ordinary amateur of one-armed bandits. Its benefit is to appear, too, next to Patrick rather chick on his profits. “Oh, come on, 20,000 €. But it was done alone. Chance wanted these five to all need money to relieve a bank overdraft, round the monthly SMIC or play in other casinos.

The prosecutor Serge Billet hardly needed this particular choice of his associates to see the sexagenarian in “briber” and ask for 18 months of imprisonment with suspended sentence and € 10,000 fine. He does not forget for all the five croupiers by aiming them of penalty of fine for some and up to 6 months of prison for the others.

The five defense lawyers will react much more strongly to the demands of the casino. The Parisian council of the establishment claims repairs in a range of 112.000 € to 327.000 € by asking that the defendants are solidary in the payment.

“It’s a jackpot for the casino,” says a lawyer from Metz. The establishment is partially responsible for the situation knowing the malfunction of its roulette since October 2010, adds one of his colleagues. The croupiers were lacking, for some, training against the difficulties of the machine, gear another.

The court sentenced Patrick to six months suspended, four croupiers to 4 months suspended and relaxing the fifth. As for the casino, he is responsible for half of his damages and will have to calculate his losses for each of the convicts for a future hearing on civil interests.