Cheating At The Chumba Free Sweeps

Which player – casino or otherwise – has never considered cheating? From the most honest to the most roguish, everyone has already thought about it in order to maximize their gain. So we looked at this fascinating trend and we take a look at cheating at the casino to find out if some methods are applicable to roulette. Find the best legal techniques – of course, but also the most incredible cheats stories in this complete article on casino cheating. To know more cheats click here.

1. Learn how to cheat at the casino with the oldest methods can work

Cheats have always existed and they hit, of course, on the roulette tables. So, how can one cheat on a roulette table; how to cheat at the casino?

We swallowed our principles, for once, and we tested the cheat methods for you! Here are the three techniques that would be “effective”:

Las Vegas wizards, cheaters like to play with fire and use the hold-out – at their own peril. This technique is known around the world to be used by magicians but it turns out that casino players would use it to maximize their winnings during a game of table game. The holdout is indeed a “cuff” that allows to retain a desired card in the sleeve of the card player and drag at the most opportune time.

No need for software or technological equipment for dice cheats. Indeed, a simple move is enough. How does it work? The technique is very simple: the die is heavier on one side, so it will always fall on the same number.

Who says that fake chips are old-fashioned? Certainly not the handful of cheaters who still use this good old technique in Chumba Casino Review, poker and even roulette. Indeed, some very smart players would arrive to enter the casinos in possession of counterfeit chips and in the following case would play with “fake money”.

The cheats of modern times have a lot of imagination and now use technology to bring luck and try to win millions.

2. Is there a surefire way to cheat roulette at the casino?

Many methods have been invented over the centuries to cheat on roulette. Some have tried to modify the tables or the marbles, to use magnets but the cheats most often used are those which consist of placing a bet on the roulette table after the ball is stopped on a number. How is it possible to cheat at the casino? Here are the three most popular cheat methods for cheating on roulette at the casino:

The “stroller” method. This technique is generally performed with the help of several accomplices and consists of simply pushing chips on the winning square. An accomplice takes care of distracting the dealer simultaneously, finally a last player claims the winnings.

The method of cheating using a microcomputer: this technique was experimented by three Russian players in a casino in London. Equipped with a mobile phone with an integrated laser scanner, the three thugs take place in front of a roulette table and when the ball is thrown on the wheel, they use the phone to assess the speed of the ball when it is launched. information is then sent to the microcomputer which analyzes the box on which it will end up.

Los Pelayos strategy: Gonzalo Pelayos had felt the vein, according to him every roulette was different. After thousands of throws and the skills of a specialist knowledge in mathematics, Gonzalo and his friend realized that each roulette has significant trends that are unique and that would be repeated turn after turn.

3. Follow martingale roulette and other strategies, is it considered cheating at roulette roulette?

Whether you’re considering cheating at the casino or not (we strongly advise against it), you’ve heard about martingales. Martingales are game methods that follow mathematical and / or logical probabilities. It should be known that some of them have been proven but none remains infallible however.

We assume that following a martingale is considered “cheating at roulette casino” by some Chumba Casino Online gambling sites knowing that it is totally forbidden to employ this kind of trick. The rule, however, diverges for land-based casinos, some of which do not prohibit players from following a martingale to place their bets on roulette games.

4. The biggest casino cheats of all time: some would they be pros cheats?

You have certainly heard of Marcus Richard in the light of dozens of articles devoted to him. Indeed, the man is nicknamed the “cheater pro”. It must be admitted that the course of the player is among the most incredible and the total gain collected on the games thanks to his own technique of cheating casino reaches millions.

Originally an excellent player, specifically blackjack, Marcus Richard was taken under the wing of another great cheater of casinos, a Mr. Carlton. Mr. Richard later used his talents in casino games to develop his own techniques. The best known of all remains without doubt the “Coup Savannah”.

The “Savannah Strike” is applicable on roulette and consists of concealing a $ 500 chip under a stack of $ 5 chips. When the number is winning, Richard distracts the dealer and reveal discreetly this $ 500 chip hidden under the pile … Jackpot!

5. Take care if you consider cheating, even cheating at the casino with an iPhone can be punished

Who has not heard of this famous mobile application that can cheat the casino with an iPhone? There is indeed an application that is responsible for counting cards instead of the player.

However, we must guard you! The penalty will be inevitable and you will end up in jail! The casinos are equipped with advanced video surveillance systems and employ experts who will soon detect any cheating or suspicious behavior. In other words, it is possible to cheat at the casino with tips. On the other hand, it is impossible to escape the control of cameras and security experts. Every movement of the players is filmed constantly and if you do not want to finish in prison, do not try to reproduce the cheating of this video.

This article should be closed by distinguishing casino cheating between the rules imposed by land-based casinos and online casinos. Indeed, some land casinos do not sanction the use of martingales to play roulette while a casino site totally prohibits any kind of strategy of this kind. Be careful because cheating at the casino could cost you more money than it would bring you back! In short, you just have to bet on the big chance of life!